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Verification of Swiss readiness to abolish border checks at its international airports under way


In these days, between 9 and 13 February 2009, fulfilment of Schengen standards at Swiss international airports is being verified as a precondition for the abolition of border checks at internal Schengen flights as of 29 March 2009.

This Schengen evaluation re-visit is carried out by a team of 14 Member States experts - including the Czech Republic-, and representatives of the Commission and Council Secretariat. Its main goal is to verify fulfilment of recommendations arising from previous evaluation in August 2008 which concern various aspects of air border control, especially infrastructure of airports and border control procedure.

In case of a positive result of this evaluation, integration of Switzerland into Schengen area will be completed on 29 March 2009, thus concluding process of abolishing border checks launched on 12 December 2008 with lifting border checks on persons at Swiss land borders.

In case of a negative result of the evaluation, the EU Council would have to take a decision to defer the date for abolition of internal air border checks and set a new date.

Autor: Euroskop