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The Czech Republic is launching the first intensive phase of its information campaign related to the integration of the Czech Republic in the Schengen area. The focus of the campaign to be seen on the Internet and in selected print media in the Czech Republic from 20 August to 16 September 2007, is the Schengen Information System (SIS), the shared database of countries participating in the Schengen cooperation enabling to exchange data (alerts) on persons and objects, which are necessary for maintaining the Schengen territory an area of security and justice.

Already on 1 September 2007, the Czech Republic will gain access to data integrated in the SIS. Czech police, customs, judicial and some other relevant authorities will start using an efficient instrument which is one of the core elements ensuring security in the Schengen area. The integration in the SIS will take place nearly 4 months prior to the expected entry of the Czech Republic in the Schengen area.

The integration of the Czech Republic into the SIS will provide the Czech citizens and foreigners with a number of changes as well as new rights related to the processing of personal data.

The purpose of this phase of the information campaign is, therefore, to provide general information about the SIS and related rights of individuals and to inform about the relevant changes and all necessary information including contact details. 

The Ministry of the Interior has prepared – in cooperation with the Office for Personal Data Protection and other public administration authorities – a specialized information leaflet “General Information on the Schengen Information System”, which can be downloaded in Czech (pdf; 224 kB), in English (pdf; 91 kB), German (pdf; 256 kB), French (pdf; 256 kB) and Russian (pdf; 116 kB), versions.

For more information, see “changes resulting from the use of the SIS”