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At the end of this year, the Schengen area will experience its hitherto most extensive enlargement. The number of Schengen states performing no border checks at their common internal borders  will increase from 15 to 24 countries

After joining Schengen, 9 new countries including the Czech Republic will apply joint Schengen rules concerning the free movement of persons in the entire Schengen area, including conditions for crossing external borders.

A significant number of changes relating to the entry of the Czech Republic into the Schengen area will affect foreign nationals residing in the Czech Republic as well as those entering the Czech Republic. The changes will concern persons enjoying the Community right of free movement (citizens of the EU, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein) including their family members and nationals of third countries.

Therefore, the information campaign accompanying the entry of the Czech Republic into the Schengen area also focuses on foreign nationals.

Since October, advertisements have been published in foreign-language press providing information about the most significant changes. Information can be found in editions of the following journals:   

  • The Prague Post (17.10., 7.11.)
  • Prager Zeitung (11.10., 13.12.)
  • An Ning The Gioi (10.10., 24.11.)
  • Tuan Tin Moi (23.10., 4.12.)
  • Ukrajinský žurnál (1.11., 1.12.)
  • Porohy (15.12.)

In order to provide detailed information, information leaflets in 6 language versions have been prepared that can be downloaded:

These leaflets will be available in printed forms e.g. at all units of the Alien and Border Police, international airports, selected offices of the Customs Administration or in Eurocentres.