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European Affairs Communication Department

The European Affairs Communication Department of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic sets a target to mediate information about the European Union to the general public through the Integrated Information System. The System is based on the website Euroskop, a network consisting of 13 regional Eurocenters and a free hotline for general information enquiries on the EU, Eurofon 800 200 200. The Department also organizes conferences and seminars to discuss European issues. 

The acting head of European Affairs Information Department is JUDr. Mgr. Igor BLAHUŠIAK, Ph. D.

Integrated Information System

The portal Euroskop is the official government website for European Affairs and is known as the main web source for information about the EU in the Czech Republic; there is an average of about 40 thousand real users (RU) visiting the site per month. Euroskop provides information about activities of EU institutions as well as member states of the EU. Euroskop also provides daily news about the European Union. In 2008, the website established a special division called EU Law Monitoring which has been monitoring European legislature from the beginning of its implementation into the Czech law system. 

The network consisted of 13 regional Eurocenters organizes seminars, public debates and conferences following up on European issues and discussing topics associated with the European integration. Eurocenters provide added value mainly through their coverage of Czech regions reflecting on the regional information needs of particular target groups. Eurocenters cooperate with institutions in Czech regions; especially with offices of local governments, universities, groups of interest and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Regional coordinators also give free public lectures introducing students to the issue of the European Union taking place in both high and secondary schools throughout Czech.

Last but not least, there is the Eurofon whose employees provide information about the European Union, membership of the Czech Republic to the EU and the EU structural funds and grants to the general public on a free hotline 800 200 200.

The European Affairs Information Department is the administrator of the European Union programme Europe for Citizens in the Czech Republic, from which can be drawn the financial support for projects of active European citizenship in the period  2014-20. Eligible subjects to gain the financial support from the programme are municipalities or subjects profiled as a non-profit organization.

Since 2009, the Office of the Czech Republic Government has cooperated with the Delegation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic within so-called the Strategic Partnership.

Based on the Government Resolution No. 1088 of 21st December 2015, the Integrated Information System is closely cooperating with the Ministry of Regional Development.  The Ministry participates in the development of the Eurocenters and the Eurofon.
The close link between both organisations has developed a good information service in the field of funds and grants.

Every year the Department creates a Strategic Plan on EU Affairs and Communication in the Czech Republic, which establishes communication priorities for the Government in the field of European affairs in a concrete year. The Strategic plan is approved by the Committee for the EU of the Czech Government every year and it is available to be downloaded on the Euroskop website.

Contact for the European Affairs Information Department secretariat: velebilova.martina@vlada.cz; tel.: 224 002 739.

Autor: European Affairs Information Department