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Communication Priorities 2013

Communication priorities for 2013 are based on communication priorities of the EU Institutions, which were adapted to the specific conditions of the Czech Republic. Communication priorities for 2013 are:

Competitive Internal Market and Economic Recovery

The informing on the topic of the competitive internal market and economic recovery will emphasize the measures taken in response to the economic crisis by the European Union and its Member States. The informing process will mainly focus on the Internal Market of the EU, its development and the relevant promotion of competitiveness. Also the removal of barriers the implementation of the rights of citizens in the Internal Market, the new concept of economic governance of the EU and other measures to support the economic recovery will be communicated. Communication activities will also focus on a new Multi-annual Financial Framework 2014-2020.

This communication priority contains 3 sub-priorities:

i) Development of the Internal Market and implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy

ii) Future Multi-annual Financial Framework

iii) EU Economic Governance

b) European Year of Citizens

The Office of the Government of the Czech Republic has become the administrator of the European Year of Citizens 2013, the aims of which are not just to highlight the benefits that come from being a Member State of the EU, but to increase the participation of citizens in European decision-making. Therefore, the communication of the European affairs in the Czech Republic in 2013 will be focused on exercising civil rights in the EU, European elections of 2014 and the question of benefits of the European integration.

This communication priority will also focus on the debate about the benefits and the future of the European integration. According to public opinion polls, one can observe two declines of the public perception of benefits in the long term European integration. The first one was in 2006-2008, when the EU had different opinions in regards to institutional reform. At the beginning of 2009, due to the Czech Republic taking the role of “Chairman” for the EU, We saw the increase in positive perception for the EU. A second decline in the assessment occurred recently when 58 % of Czech citizens do not perceive the membership in the EU as being beneficial.

This communication priority contains 3 sub-priorities:

i) Implementation of EU citizens´ rights

ii) Participation of citizens in the Union decision-making and European elections 2014

iii) Discussion on benefits and future of the European integration

c) EU Funds

In cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development, the Integrated Information System will provide information about the possibility of drawing funds from the EU structural fund and community programs, such as Europe for Citizens.

In cooperation with the Ministry of International Affairs, the Integrated Information System will also provide information about the possibility of drawing funds from the external cooperation funds of the EUwhich could help Czech companies and non-profit organisations  take part in the developing projects out of the EU.

Contact for the European Affairs Information Department secretariat: hrdlickova.radka@vlada.cz

Autor: European Affairs Information Department