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Coronavirus: The Czech Government's Response

Government provides millions in financial assistance to sports organisations.

Office of the Government, 02.06.2020
Organisers of sporting events, sports clubs and organisations that suffered economic losses during the lockdown will be able to apply for a special state subsidy. Following a Government decision on...

Measures adopted by the Czech Government against coronavirus

Office of the Government, Photo Pixabay, 01.06.2020
Measures adopted by the Czech Government against coronavirus between 12th March and 1th June 2020.     

Government approves COVID III guarantee programme for companies and releases 2.5 billion for Care-giver’s Allowance for SEP programme

Office of the Government, 18.05.2020
Companies with up to 500 employees affected by the coronavirus contagion will be able to ask banks for a loan with a state guarantee. The government of Andrej Babiš approved the announcement of...

Students taking secondary school & university entrance and final examinations will not have to wear face masks

Office of the Government, 12.05.2020
Pupils and students taking university entrance and final examinations, and members of examination boards, will not have to wear face masks if they follow certain basic rules. At a meeting on Monday,...

Selected social services will start up earlier, government will reward rescuers and social workers for their extraordinary efforts during the epidemic

Office of the Government, 07.05.2020
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs will accelerate the scenario for relaxing limitations on social services. On Thursday, 7 May 2020, the government of Andrej Babiš gave its consent to the...

Government approves the rules for relaxing emergency measures from 11 May, state of emergency remains in force until 17 May

At an extraordinary meeting on Thursday, 30 April, the government of Andrej Babiš approved the extension of the state of emergency until 17 May. Ministers also agreed on precise rules for the next...

Government Extends Antivirus Job Support Programme to End of May

Office of the Government, 27.04.2020
Employers who have had to suspend or restrict operations due to the coronavirus epidemic will be able to obtain wage payment reimbursements from the State for the period from 12 March all the way to...

The government to ask Chamber of Deputies to extend state of emergency until 25 May

Office of the Government, 24.04.2020
The government of Andrej Babiš will ask the Chamber of Deputies to extend the state of emergency in the Czech Republic until 25 May. The wording of the request was approved by the government at an...

Government accelerates scenario for loosening extraordinary measures, larger establishments can open starting Monday

Office of the Government, 23.04.2020
Thanks to favourable development of the epidemiological situation in the incidence of COVID-19, at a special meeting Thursday 23 April 2020 the Andrej Babiš government approved an accelerated...
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The government confirmed the partial relaxation of certain measures

Office of the Government, 18.04.2020
The care allowance for parents of children under the age of 13 who are unable to attend pre-school or school facilities as a result of the quarantine measures and for those caring for those with...
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