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Coronavirus: The Czech Government's Response


Measures adopted by the Czech Government against coronavirus

Office of the Government, Photo Pixabay, 24.11.2020
Measures adopted by the Czech Government against coronavirus between 12th March and 23rd November 2020.     

Important covid-19 measures for foreigners

Office of the Government, photo Pixabay, 23.11.2020
Important information regarding covid-19 measures for people coming to the Czech Republic.

Cabinet Extends State of Emergency until 12 December 2020. Some Restrictions to Be Eased Starting on Monday.

Office of the Government, 20.11.2020
The state of emergency in the Czech Republic will for now be extended until 12 December 2020. Acting based on prior approval given by the Chamber of Deputies, Andrej Babiš's Cabinet imposed the...

Government to involve additional soldiers in helping handle COVID-19 pandemic, state to purchase more protective equipment

Office of the Government, 09.11.2020
As many as 900 soldiers will be able to get involved in assisting healthcare facilities and social care homes. The cabinet of Andrej Babiš decided on increasing this number at talks on Monday 9...

Government extends state of emergency and all current crisis measures until 20 November

Office of the Government, 31.10.2020
State of emergency in the Czech Republic to remain in force until 20 November. Based on the earlier consent of the Chamber of Deputies, the Government at an extraordinary meeting on 30 October...
Vlada 21. 10. 2020

Government decides to further tighten preventive measures against the spread of Covid-19

Office of the Government, 22.10.2020
As of Thursday, further, stricter preventive measures against the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus will come into force in the Czech Republic. Based on unfavourable growth numbers for the...

Government takes further measures to support the economy during the pandemic

Office of the Government, 20.10.2020
At a meeting on Monday, 19 October 2020, the cabinet supported other measures in order to help, for example, audio-visual artists, travel agencies and guides and investors overcome this...

Government seeks to extend the suspension of EET use until the end of 2022 and pay a compensation bonus for small businesses

Office of the Government, 19.10.2020
Entrepreneurs would not have to record sales through electronic sales records until the end of 2022. As one of the measures to support the economy, this was proposed by the government of Andrej Babiš...

Government approves programmes to help affected businesses and employers and to support culture and professional sports

Office of the Government, 14.10.2020
At an extraordinary meeting held on Wednesday, 14 October 2020, the government of Andrej Babiš approved several subsidy programmes and other proposals by which it wants to support businesses and...
Online jednání vlády 8.10. 2020

Due to the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, government to limit sporting, cultural and social events, the activities of public authorities and schools

Office of the Government, 09.10.2020
At an extraordinary meeting on Thursday, 8 October 2020, the government of Andrej Babiš approved another package of crisis measures in response to unfavourable developments in the epidemic and to the...
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